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All communication from Fems for Dems will be via email or facebook posts on our Fems for Dems private facebook page.  Fems for Dems shares no information with anyone. By signing up here, you are giving your permission for us to send you occasional emails and/or newsletters. You can opt out at anytime, by sending an email to admin@femsfordems.org OR clicking the link on the bottom of any email we send to you. We share NOTHING with ANYONE, see our privacy policy below. 

If you have a post or other information that you'd like to share on this website, or if you are interested in being part of our support teams; have a particular candidate you would like to support; would like to host a fundraiser; would like to be a Fems for Dems contact for a candidate; want to be on the Elections Committee, please send an email to admin@femsfordems.org