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Are you ready for a challenge?

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Announcing our LONG, HOT SUMMER Membership Multiplier Challenge! FFD's goal is to be 20,000 members strong by 2020, and we can reach our goal with YOUR help!

See below the fun weekly challenges to keep you motivated all summer long. You can easily add people to our mailing list and social media from your phone while you are at the beach, BBQs, the dog park, or wherever else life takes you. It only takes a few seconds, but you'll be making a huge impact on our success.

Also, we encourage you to "brag" about your adds via social media posts and Facebook live! Make sure to add #femsfordems to your posts.

Week 1. SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS. July 1 - 7

This Fourth of July, sign up THREE PEOPLE for our mailing list at your Fourth of July celebration. You can do it on your phone at femsfordems.org/joinus

Week 2. FIND A FRIEND. July 8 - 14

Know someone who isn't following FFD on social media? Find THREE PEOPLE who aren't on our Facebook or Instagram and sign them up!

Join our private Facebook discussion at facebook.com/groups/femsfordems

Follow us on Twitter @Fems_for_Dems

Week 3. TAKE THE PLUNGE. July 15 - 21

Talk to someone you've never met before! And when you do, sign them up for our mailing list at femsfordems.org/joinus

Week 4. A FAMILY AFFAIR. July 22 - 28

You know them better than anyone else. So, sign up THREE FAMILY MEMBERS for our mailing list at femsfordems.org/joinus

Week 5. YOUR PERSONAL 20. July 29 - August 4

In honor of our goal, sign up THREE PEOPLE who are 20 years older or 20 years younger than you at femsfordems.org/joinus

Week 6. THE MEN IN OUR LIVES. August 5 - 11

We love them, so let's be sure to bring them in! Sign up THREE MEN who care about the same issues we do at femsfordems.org/joinus

If you have any questions about the Long, Hot Summer Membership Multiplier Challenge, contact us at admin@femsfordems.org.


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